Developed new flu vaccine

Scientists from Korean International Vaccine Institute developed a new flu vaccine, which has all chances to force a standard vaccination. It is based on a specific antigen (matrix protein 2, or M2). Developers say that the novelty may be a good alternative for those people who refuse vaccinations.

M2 antigen was previously long-term tests, in which it was proved that it successfully defends the body against various viruses, including avian and swine influenza. Experts included in the normal M2 vaccine which is administered by injection, but got unexpected results: the protein injections are not strengthened immune lungs, although oral vaccinenation, has possitive effect.

“For us it is still a mystery why the vaccine is effective conventional oral vaccination” – says one of the researchers, Professor William Schaffner.

Despite the fact that the flu mutates every year, the impact of M2 on the majority of viruses remain unchanged. Scientists hope that in the future be able to create a universal flu vaccine based on this protein.

“However, until the vaccine is not yet available, we encourage everyone to do routine annual vaccination” – the researchers recommend.

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