How exactly does this promising new technique? The withdrawn blood is first injected into a special device that isolates all cells present in the blood. Encapsulated cells in this way are then heated at high temperature, thereby identify potential tumor cells.

In order to detect whether it is indeed a cancer, blood is then scanned with a laser. When these cells are strongly brought to light, can then see the tumor DNA in the blood.

Although the technique may seem long and complicated, the test takes only 30-60 minutes. It represents a significant advance for patients who currently have to spend many painful tests before a doctor can diagnose their cancer.

The advantage is that this technology is highly sensitive ,” says Davey. “ From billions of normal cells in the blood, I can draw a single cancer.”

The student has conducted tests on patients with prostate and stomach cancer. Its screening technique can also be used for other types of cancers. “The technology is universal.”