The Huffington Post has addressed the recurring question of microwaves users: is it a healthy cooking method? The good news is that food coming out reheated seem more nutritious than what is believed.

“In comparison with other methods of cooking, micro waves limit the loss of nutrients ” says Dr. Guy Crosby from the Harvard School of Public Health. The reason waves promote a method of dry curing, which prevents the vitamins B and C to evaporate. In addition, the baking is faster, nutrients are less time exposed to heat.

However, this does not mean that the waves have no effect on the food. As with other cooking methods, heat can alter the vitamin content of certain foods. Generally, the longer lasts the cooking, the more nutrients fly.

And conversely, other nutrients can be found fortified when exposed to high heat, c ‘ is the case of the antioxidant contained in the tomatoes and other vegetables to beta-carotene such as carrots.

The best method of cooking

What then is the best cooking method according to scientists? Everyone agrees on the fact that the rapid cooking, like steaming is preferable, especially for vegetables. “ The most important is to cut food into pieces, and cut them just before serving,” adds Professor Susan Nitzke University of Wisconsin Madison. Both the steaming that microwaves are examples of quick cooking modes.

Experts however warn about the fact that we should not generalize. Thus, Dr. Ashim Datta, bioengineer Professor at Cornell University in advance. “ When cooking with water, many nutrients and vitamins are destroyed in the microwave, the loss is less important but this obviously depends on the type of vitamins, duration, temperature and device. We can not draw a general conclusion.

Cancer risk

long time, the microwave oven has been incriminated in the development of cancers. According to experts, this kind of oven does not emit enough energy to cause cancer in its users. Discussions on the radiation waves on food were also animated. This radiation has also been linked to the development of cancer, but scientists are not correlation to date.

In addition, recent studies have shown that waves can not escape the walls of the oven. Microwave ovens produce well over a short period, a magnetic field when they are running, but the field is reduced to a trickle when one moves away. Most experts argue that a microwave oven does not emit strongly enough that to change the genetic material and damage the cells of a human being, another recurrent concern of its users and especially its critics.