Stress has devastating effects on mental and physical health. A new étudedu the University of Florida College of Medicine has set report stress, scourge of our time, and weight loss. No luck, in addition to shortening life expectancy and prevents sleep, stress also prevents weight loss.

Little explanation. As part of this search, the tests were performed on mice. This suggests that people under stress have a blood level of betatrophine much higher. The betatrophine reacts to stress is inhibits the action of the enzyme adipose triglyceride lipase . It is she who is responsible for the destocking of fats.

To achieve these results, the scientists first studied mice subjected to metabolic stress. It emerged that they produced more betatrophine and burning fat much more slowly.

The betatrophine had made about her in 2013, when Harvard researchers had thought to have found an alternative to daily injections insulin for diabetics. Finally, it has not been the case since studies have subsequently proved otherwise.

Fortunately, all is not lost and there are many ways to relieve stress. Meditation, for example, is an excellent technique to fight against burnout. By restoring the natural balance of the body, acupuncture is also an effective remedy.

MH Dufays