Alcohol consumption increases in China, according to the review The Lancet health. In 1978, alcohol consumption per capita (non drinkers excluded) was 2.5 liters per year. In 2010, it was 6.7 liters per year, and it has increased up to 15 liters today. While this consumption is booming, China is still far behind other countries.

Quels sont les pays où on boit le plus ? (infographie)

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Counting only drinkers, people in Chad and the United Arab Emirates have the highest rates, respectively 33 9 L and 38.2 L per year, says The Independent, according to WHO figures.

Belgium is far behind, with an average of 12.8 liters of alcohol per drinker over a year.

Quels sont les pays où on boit le plus ? (infographie)

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