“the” Bulletproof diet “stimulates the brain, energy, makes you a better worker, best father, best friend and a better person, “promises its creator Dave Asprey.

his” magic drink “the bulletproof coffee (” bulletproof coffee “or” works every time ” in french) is coffee without mycotoxins (micro-fungi that appear during fermentation), mixed with a tablespoon of butter and a few drops of pure triglyceride oil.

“You drink this (morning) and immediately you think no more room for a good time. the brain receives energy that does not come from sugar cravings disappear and you find a kind of freedom, “said Dave Asprey, told AFP.

in addition, “you lose weight because your metabolism works but you do not snack between meals,” added the American expatriate in Canada, taking in hand a cup of his concoction.

M. Asprey had the idea of ​​the regime during a trip to Tibet in 2004. Affected by the altitude, he felt weak until he tries a yak butter tea. Impressed by the energizing effect of this drink, he wanted to adapt it to Western life …

In the United States, where a third of residents are obese, the “Bulletproof diet” is a hit , as adopted by athletes or supporters of “biohacking” movement that combines biology, food technology and to improve physical and mental abilities.

Some celebrities do not raving about this diet, such as actress Shailene Woodley, star of the film “Divergent” or comedian Jimmy Fallon.

mental Clarity

experts alientation themselves are more critical. “This regime can function as any diet that eliminates many foods,” says Amy Schnabel, nutritionist UCLA hospital in Los Angeles.

The “bulletproof” blew breakfast, an often considered the most important meal of the day by nutritionists, who recommend cereal or bread, eggs or dairy products (proteins) fruits for fiber or vitamins, as well as coffee or tea.

theine and caffeine are stimulants recognized with some diuretic. “Coffee would feel good anyone. Caffeine helps mental clarity,” she notes. She added sarcastically: “If you think that drinking a cup of this drink you will feel good and have a clear mind, it will probably be the case because of the placebo effect”

. the British dietetic Association, she has listed this regime “Bulletproof” in the Top 10 celebrity diets to avoid in 2016. it considers that it is based on a principle of classification of food “in contradiction with the health recommendations “and whose effectiveness is unproven.

the coffee butter and oil, dietary mini-empire

Still, the coffee butter and oil is quickly became a dietary mini-empire, with first a best-selling book, which is largely the defense of healthy food (lots of protein, green vegetables, little starch …).

the first store has opened in California in the upscale city of Santa Monica, and a website sells a range of related products from near and far to nutrition: concoction ready to consume capsules “performance kits” for preparing the drink at home, but also mattresses sleep inducers, night light, “zen” screens for iPhone, etc.

the company created by Dave Asprey has raised 9 million dollars to develop its network of outlets

in Santa Monica store near Los Angeles, you see regime enthusiastic supporters. “My wife and I are working in the fitness industry so we try things that can improve our body. When we saw this approach with butter, we found it cool and came to see, “said Justin Lovato told AFP.

Ray, a young athlete says take this coffee every morning . “the effect lasts longer” than anything he has tried and “increases the energy level,” he says.