Canada can attest: a month before Christmas, five people had been seriously injured by falling from a ladder or roof to try to go hang. A recent study found that over the past decade, 40 people failed to lose their lives by doing the same, and suffered serious back injuries and a fractured skull. But they were 14 times more likely to have been supported by Canadian hospitals to treat more minor injuries, always after an accident related to the implementation of these light decorations. The main cause of these accidents was the use of an unstable ladder. In 95% of cases the victims were men; two-thirds had fallen from a ladder, one third of the roof. They had a mean age of 55 years.

Source: CG Ball, Debanjana D, D Roberts et al. The evolution of trauma surgery at a Canadian high-volume center: implications for public health, prevention, clinical care, education and recruitment. Can J Surg. 2015 Feb; 58 (1): 19-23