Children poisoned by the product of electronic cigarettes in the Vaucluse

Proceeds to electronic cigarettes responsible for a series of poisoning. No less than thirteen children aged 6 to 8 years were poisoned on Thursday and two were hospitalized for control, after inhaling the product used to recharge electronic cigarettes within the walls of their school in the Vaucluse. ( Electronic cigarettes poisoned ).

Children have inhaled, and perhaps drank a vial of this product during recess around 10:30 at the primary school of Ratacans, in Cavaillon, firefighters reported. According to the rector of Vaucluse, who confirmed the incident, a child would have introduced a vial within the walls of the classroom.( Electronic cigarettes poisoned ).

Two girls checked in the hospital

“After medical regulation, it was found that the children would not be all taken to hospital and would be placed under the supervision of their teacher,” he told AFP, firefighters in Vaucluse.( Electronic cigarettes poisoned ).

Two girls, who complained of headaches, have instead been taken to the hospital of Avignon for control. “The headaches are related to nicotine concentration levels”, added firefighters.

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