The Thrillist web magazine spoke with Dr. Neal Barnard, founder and president of the Committee for Responsive Medicine qualifies cheese “crack the dairy industry.” If you find this term a little exaggerated, continue reading this who will enlighten you on the effects on the body of the cheese.

Dr. Barnard incriminates casein, an animal protein present in milk whose concentration increases sharply during the cheese making and the body breaks down a particular way. In itself, casein is not different from other proteins which consist of an amino acid chain. “However,” says Dr. Barnard, “when your digestive system tries to break down the cheese, this chain does not deteriorate completely. Some elements remain linked. Baptized casomorphins These peptides stimulate the brain the same receptors as morphine and heroin. ”

Members of dairy products anti-movement use these arguments long time: according to them, the cheese would result in cuts of consciousness, fatigue and depression (KS)