In 2013, 65,487 new cancer diagnoses were identified: 34 542 men (53%) and 30,945 women (47%). Among men, the increase in the number of tumors by 2025 will mainly be due to aging and population growth, while in women, a further increase is expected due to the increase in smoking behavior.

In terms of mortality, the risk of dying of cancer in turn decreases year after year. This risk decreases 3 times faster among men (-1.6% per year) than among women (-0.5% per year).

People affected by cancer are also living longer. The chances of survival after a diagnosis of cancer have increased in recent years. By comparing the periods 1999-2003 and 2009-2013 for Flanders, the 5-year survival has increased by 5% for men, and 3% in women.

These good results are due to include better diagnostic techniques, such as more sensitive imaging techniques and the screening (screening programs) that allow early diagnosis of lesions, says the registry Cancer.

Improved treatment and at different levels, also explains these good results.