A short sleep of trafficking, is better than a long night interrupted. This is according to a study by John Hopkins University in Baltimore, whose findings were published in the journal Sleep.

The experiment was conducted on 62 men and women, divided into three experimental conditions.

The first group was the subject of “forced awakening” in his sleep, the second went up late and last slept without interruptions. The researchers analyzed this panel of participants over three days, says The Independent.

The scientists then compared the results of the sleep cycle with an evaluation of the daily mood of the people, based on a questionnaire .

This shows that the group members who were regularly woken up had a deficit of 31% of the good mood after the second night. Those who lie later have meanwhile presented a decrease in good spirits by 12%.

Discontinuous sleep is less restful and leads to be worse humor that lack of sleep due to a sleeping late. Indeed, these forced awakenings reduce energy levels and feelings of sympathy and friendship, and to a greater extent than lack of sleep or simple short nights.

“When you sleep is disturbed throughout the night, you do not have the ability to reach various stages of sleep and get the deep sleep needed to sleep feeling, “said Patrick Finan, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at University.