These maternities are possible thanks to the different techniques of medically assisted procreation (MAP, including the use of donated oocytes) permitted up 50 in Spain, Belgium and Greece.

The Swiss billionaire businesswoman Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, 53, has announced Monday pregnant binoculars. The volume of 98 births to mothers aged 50 and over registered in France in 2014 seem marginal among the approximately 800,000 babies born that year.

In the United States, of the four million births, 8,500 mothers were women aged 45 and over, told AFP Gretchen Livingston, American researcher. That number has more than tripled in France in less than 15 years, according to official statistics, despite the age restrictions for use in LDCs. In the UK, the babies of mothers fifties already would count hundreds per year.

These pregnancies are “created abroad and risks are borne in French maternity”, regrets Joëlle Belaïsch-Allart, gynecologist specialist in late pregnancy in the hospital of the four cities in Sèvres, near Paris. She explains that before 1993 when there was no egg donation, in France as in the UK, there were about 50 annual pregnancies after 50 years. “Half of the women had an abortion (voluntary intervention pregnancy), fourth miscarriage. Finally, very few had a child,” she says.

“Let there be a desire children increasingly late is reality. What contraception and longer studies repel the age of pregnancy too. That men are slow to commit, it is also true, but after pregnancy 50 years is madness, “she says. Because women are exposed to many risks. Hypertension, diabetes, postpartum hemorrhage and even death.

For children, there is no risk of chromosomal abnormality since most of time the oocyte from a woman, but there is a high risk of prematurity and the risk of death in utero highly increased. “These women are not aware that we can not buy a kitten or a puppy. There is a limit to everything,” castigates the gynecologist, deploring the ignorance of “the essence of his patients” on these dangers.

Eternal Youth

Dr. Belaïsch-Allart also emphasizes that no data is available at present social and psychological development of children born to older mothers, while studies have shown that children born to older fathers (over 60 years) tend to develop more illnesses, such as schizophrenia or autism. “It was a look warmer today than it was ten years on mothers who have a child later,” Anne Solaz notes, however, a researcher at the National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED).

“A mother of 55 years may well raise a child,” adds the sociologist François de Singly. The fifties today have nothing in common with those of the 1950s often equated with the grandmother, he said. “People have a representation of the fifties and sixties of the 20 years ago,” he observes, while life expectancy has considerably lengthened in Western countries.

There recognizes that this is not so in early childhood that difficulties can appear until adolescence. Obviously, the generation gap is even more difficult to bridge between a 15 year old and a mother of 65, between 15 and 45 years. “The question is whether a maternity hospital in 50 years meets a real desire, while women could not have children before or if it meets a need (narcissistic)” that science can come meet, analysis Michael Stora, psychologist adolescents.

Mr. Stora points to deviance is to be a mother to comfort the question of eternal youth.