“Too often, antibiotics are widely used and stopping treatment is late,” said Professor Herman Goossens of the University of Antwerp, the survey coordinator.

The survey , conducted among 26,400 patients in ten hospitals shows that 27% of them have received antimicrobials.

There are however large differences between hospitals. “Teaching hospitals with highly specialized care are those logically recorded the highest number of patients who received antibiotics, with an average of 33%,” says Professor Goossens.

However, the hospital where “there was the largest number of patients who received antibiotics is a general hospital, with 52% of patients concerned.”

The Amoxicillin is the most popular antibiotic. A total of 28% of patients were prescribed in. In case of pulmonary infection is Moxifloxacin which is most frequently administered. So, 4% of patients received, while the European average is 0.3%.

The requirements in the pre-operative phase are highly variable, ranging from 3 to 90% depending on the hospitals.

“This survey shows that there are large differences between hospitals. Some manage well while others are significantly below expectations. This is unfortunate because the federal government provides an annual sum to hospitals to help them lead a good policy on antibiotic use. ”