The WHO survey, published on Monday in Geneva, reveals that any person may one day be affected by an infection resistant to these drugs.

Antibiotic resistance, also called the antibiotic resistance, occurs when bacteria evolves and becomes resistant to antibiotics used to treat infections, according to the World Health Organisation. This global problem is mostly related to the overuse of antibiotics and their misuse.

But nearly half (44%) of those who participated in the survey, which does not claim to be exhaustive and was conducted by WHO in 12 countries, think that antibiotic resistance n is a problem for people who abuse antibiotics. Two thirds of respondents also believe that there is no risk of drug-resistant infection in individuals who are properly antibiotic treatment was prescribed.

“In reality, anyone may at any time and in any country suffering from a resistant infection antibiotic, “said the WHO, which starts from November 16 to 22 the first” World Week for proper use of antibiotics. ” Last April, the WHO had lamented that health services in the world is not doing enough against the misuse of antibiotics, which reinforces resistance to drugs and causes deaths due to curable diseases yet.

“One of the biggest health challenges of the twenty-first century will require a global change in behavior on the part of individuals and societies,” remarked for his part Dr. Keiji Fukuda the Special Representative of the Director General for resistance antimicrobials.

To achieve this, WHO is to debunk the misconceptions that circulate on the subject.

Three quarters of respondents believe that as antibiotic resistance occurs when the body becomes resistant to antibiotics. In reality, it is the bacteria – and not human beings or animals. – That are becoming resistant to antibiotics and their spread is the cause of difficult to treat infections

To end this, WHO recommends not take antibiotics unless they are prescribed by a doctor, always follow the prescribed treatment to the end even when you feel better, never use antibiotics remaining from a previous prescription and do Never share antibiotics with other people.