A company based in Austin (Texas) has developed a tattoo can monitor vital signs the wearer. It is increasingly temporary, which is handy given the speed at which technology advances. The company called Chaotic Moon has named this technology “the new wearable.”

How it works

The tattoo is done in the arm, with electronic ink. That is to say that it forms an electrical circuit with the human body. Once placed on the surface of the skin, it monitore biometric information such as heart rate, respiratory rate or blood pressure. Then, the data are sent to the doctor via a smartphone app. To remove, nothing more simple. It removes temporary tattoos like that one can find on the market.

Other possible uses?

Ben Lamm, CEO of the company, acknowledges that, in addition to medical purposes, other uses are conceivable. In an interview with the specialized technology website Tech Crunch, he states that could exploit for military purposes, to send GPS coordinates, or to locate his children for example. Moreover, unlike permanent trackers, this tattoo is temporary and therefore would address the concern of private data.

Towards a revolution in medical treatment?

This discovery could be a real change in the medical field. Among others, instead of spending days in the hospital for some tests, it would be enough to wear the tattoo for a few days. According to Eric Schneider, creator of technological product, it may be particularly useful in the case of some patients with cancer. The permanent tattoo is indeed used to facilitate the use of radiotherapy machines. Thus, the use of a temporary tattoo, do not allow them to keep in life the mark of a painful period.

The device is still in prototype stage, however, the CEO is confident and hopes that his product will soon be launched on the market