Alcohol for the heart (in moderation)

Consume alcohol in moderation, reduce the risk of mortality.  U.S. study has indeed shown that men who survived a first myocardial infarction and who drink two glasses a day, have a death rate lower than that of abstainers.

The teams of Dr. Jennifer Pai, School of Public Health from Harvard University near Boston (USA), followed a cohort of 1818 men, who all had experienced a myocardial infarction between 1986 and 2006. During this period, 468 participants died.

Every four years, researchers have asked about their alcohol consumption and dietary habits. They were thus divided into 4 groups according to the amount of alcohol ingested daily: 0g; from 0.1 g to 9.9 g , 29.9 g and 10g to 30g  and more. Those who drank between 10 g and 29.9 g of alcohol per day – about two standard drinks – were classified as “moderate drinkers”.

After adjusting for various factors that may affect the results – such as smoking history or age, it turned out that moderate drinkers had a lower risk of premature death. “In this group, mortality from all causes was 14% lower than in patients who consumed no alcohol at all,” says Jennifer Pai. “And the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease was reduced by 42%.” Note that the type of drink did not affect the results.

“Our study focused exclusively on men,” continues Dr. Pai. “However, we know that alcohol affects the development of chronic diseases, but at lower doses for women. We therefore believe that in this case, we could draw the same conclusions for use by women one drink per day.

If other epidemiological studies in the past, had already shown signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning and that low doses of alcohol has a protective effect on cardiovascular health , they had also highlighted the risk of heart damage associated with the consumption of large quantities.

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