Researchers Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto published a study in the journal JAMA Surgery reveals that the risk of suicide increases by 50% in people who have had gastric surgery, sometimes also called gastric bypass .

The bypass

The bypass is performed for over 20 years and is to bypass the stomach by directly connecting the bottom of the esophagus and a small portion of the upper stomach to the small intestine. So that food no longer pass through the stomach before reaching the small intestine, but by a gastric minipoche the size of a tennis ball. This operation is very difficult to reverse and is performed under general anesthesia. It is only recommended in cases of morbid obesity and people with a BMI greater than 45.

These patients were followed three years before the transaction 3 years later. 158 of them have attempted suicide and 111 have ended up in hospital following their gesture. Is 1.2% of patients. If this figure is not spectacular, it still represents a 50% higher than the figures ante operation. They especially disturbing findings confirm a 2007 study which announced similar figures.

Postoperative complications would therefore not physical. As noted Lucie Favre, head doctor of Obesity Consultation of Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) in the Swiss newspaper Le Temps. “The bypass surgery creates a paradoxical situation one hand, it greatly reduces the risks cardiovascular or cancer, but on the other, it increases the morbidity of patients suicide. ”

Indeed the operation radically changes the food absorption capacity. One of the most flagrant examples is that people who have had this operation is much faster in an acute alcohol phase. And uninhibited, they could then pass more easily into action. Another example is that of drugs that may be less well absorbed. Which has consequences when it comes to treatment for mental disorders.

Another reason given might be the disappointment at the results. “Those who do not change their eating habits regain their weight after two to three years which is the peak of suicide.” Favre again says Lucie in Le Temps. It seems that two patients remain obese after surgery. And specialists to recall the importance of preparation and patient monitoring, because when it comes to obesity, it is also a mental issue.