A young man decided to save this baby but did not know how to care

A common young named Jeff Longo was a hot day walking and suddenly noticed a small creature on the road in Florida. It was a newborn that had not yet opened his eyes little squirrel. It was only 3 centimeters long. Although Jeff was somewhat confused, quickly I understood that I could not let her die in hot asphalt. It was the small home and began to care. He called Cookie.

When he came up the first picture of Cookie many social networks you wrote that it was a doomed to die breeding and taking care not achieved, since he is neither a zoologist nor know anything about animal care . Jeff still continued feeding her squirrel and held tibia and mother had done. Hope, patience and care paid off: that tiny creature became a beautiful, bold and happy flying squirrel type. Cookie and Jeff are now best friends. published some pictures that tell the story of Cookie and who escaped death on the asphalt.

When Jeff found the squirrel, it was tiny.

At first Jeff did not even know what animal it was.

People told him that the baby was destined to die soon.

But the boy decided that everything would be different. And Cookie also.

Little Cookie grew and soon opened eyes.

It loves to nap on the stomach of its master.

Cookie was welcomed by other members of the family

Jeff fed and kept warm Cookie

then had its own place at home

With all the comforts

Cookie is very intelligent, cheerful and likes to play hide and seek.

Apparently Jeff loves.

What he likes best is to be in your pocket.

The then seemed no more than a pebble became a very nice and friendly creature.

Just look at it eyes and its tail!

Jeff He uploaded a video to YouTube with the squirrel. Look, it seems that nothing in the world could separate it from nut.

And in this video we see flying.

We believe that although Jeff action may seem very small, it is actually the act of saving and help a defenseless animal. His reward was new friend with four legs and a tail. The world is better every day if each of us does something good for smaller it seems.

Photo: Jeff Longo
He told his story here: Reddit

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