7 Keys to keep your life in balance

7 Claves para mantener tu vida en equilibrio

7 Keys to keep your life in balance

all have an idea of ​​how important the balance life, but few understand is how to make the different situations that arise not tipping our boat, and to come through the storm. We want to share with you some sage advice that are within your reach and that will surely get you started:

1. Focus on the positive. tries to bring out the good in every situation, becomes the setbacks and difficulties into opportunities in challenges. Positive thinking is a skill that can be trained to make a habit, just enough to practice the negative disappears from your life.

2. Listen to the messages of life. Some say that the best things are not planned, they just happen. Sometimes all you have to do is listen carefully and let yourself go to that place that life has in store for you. Trust, not everything is in your hands.

3. Do not remain silent . If you love someone, tell; if you want something, I express it; if you are not satisfied with a situation, do not be silent. Ultimately, if things do not at least have the satisfaction I made you listen. Do not keep quiet is the first step to fight for your dreams and change your world.

4. Thanks : gratitude is closely related to happiness. When you thank you focus on what you have and not loque you lack; cultivate humility and the ability to marvel at the world. Thank you for what you receive will help you recognize how lucky you are.

5. Get loose. Will you be the owner of a great wisdom to know the day when to get something and when you release it. Receiving involves opening a door, make room for the new arriving; release means closing that door, let go of what no longer serves you.

6. Returns everything good that you receive. attracts more generosity Generosity. Surrender to life the best of you and puts all the good that you receive. Good energy transform your environment and you’ll soon see how returns to you all the help you are toasting. In a cycle where everything good again, no one can miss.

7. Do not take it personal. When someone offends you, do not take it personal. Your hurtful words speak of  inner world and emotional skills, not you. What speaks to you is how you respond. You can get involved in battles that just drain your energy, or save yourself for a more intelligent partner and a more enriching than a fight situation.

PS:. And do not worry about how many times miss, remember that life is such a good teacher, if you do not learn the lesson, do the repeats

Cover photo:. Julia Caesar

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