6 exercises for your eyes you should do every day

6 Ejercicios para tus ojos que deberías hacer cada día

6 exercises for your eyes you should do every day

Eyes need need some exercise, especialemente if you spend much time in front of a screen each day. gives you some easy exercises you should do each day to keep your eyes healthy.

All exercises must be performed without glasses, contact lenses, slowly and in a quiet place.

To improve the circulation of blood and the internal fluid of the eye

1. Close your eyes for 5 seconds and then open them during the same period. Repeat this exercise 8 times.

2. With your index finger, Close your eyelids and without pressure massages the eyeballs (with circular movements) for one minute.

3. Tub. After waking up, wash your eyes with warm water and then with cold water. At night, before bed repeat the procedure but start with cold water.

To improve adaptability

4. Attaches a mark of 5 mm in diameter (not clear) the window glass so that it is level with your eyes. 35 centimeters of glass and select a distant object (can be a branch of a tree, an antenna, a balcony, etc.). Look brand for 2 seconds and then moves to the object look you’ve chosen and watch it for 2 seconds, then returns its gaze to the mark in the window.

For relaxation

5. Close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine something pleasant. Now rub the palms of your hands and cover your eyes with them (which are closed). If you want to make the effect more noticeable places hands so that your fingers are on your forehead forming a cross (one hand over the other) and the palms over your eyes.

To strengthen the eye muscles

  • Look up and down with the as widely as possible (as far as you can).
  • Draw a circle with his eyes, first in the sense of clockwise, then against.
  • Draw diagonal gaze.
  • Draw diagonal at him.
  • The look is a concave arc and then another convex
  • Moves eyes drawing a diamond.
  • Draw .. corbatines gaze
  • Draw the letter S, first horizontally and then verticual position
  • Draws vertical arcs; first in the direction of clockwise, then counterclockwise.
  • gaze passes diagonally from the top to the bottom part of your visual field. Repeat the exercise starting from the other top end.
  • Try looking at you the tip of the nose
  • Blinks, as if your eyelids were the wings of a butterfly is flying

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