5 Tibetan exercises every day

The origental culture has given us a wealth of knowledge in all areas of life, including the care of the body, including some great exercises to develop flexibility and feel better. In this case, there are exercises that help us put our tired muscles in shape and devoid of movement and caring vertebrae. Best of all, you do not require any preparation or previous experience.

Five great exercises you can do every morning to enjoy more of your day, feeling better. Begins with 7 repetitions and gradually increase the number up to 20.

Exercise 1

Starting position : Stand up and stretch your hands parallel to the floor with the palms down. The legs should be separated to shoulder distance
Exercise . It revolves around your axis in the direction of clockwise, stop when you start feeling dizzy. Over time you can give increasingly turns.
Breathing : Breathe normally.

Exercise 2

Starting position : Lie on the floor and place arms at your sides, with palms down.
Exercise : Try to touch your chin to chest. Simultaneously lift your legs (which should be straight). Slowly distensiona neck, letting the head go back and put legs on the ground.
Breathing : Inhale as you touch your chin to your chest, lifting legs, exhale to relax the body. try to breathe as deeply as you can.

Exercise 3

Starting position : Lean on your knees and place your toes on the floor. Place your hands on your thighs and bring the chin to the chest.

Exercise : chin up, shoulders and slowly bend your back backwards. The top of the back should be more flexed than the lower. Gradually returns to the upright position.

Breathing : Inhale when you have flexed expalda, exhale when you’re upright

Exercise 4

Starting position : Sit down on the floor with legs straight, open to 30 centimeters from each other. Lean on the floor using hands
Exercise . Lift the trunk so that your knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees to the ground (as in the drawing). Keep the head parallel to the ground (as if you were lying). Slowly return to the starting position.
Breathing : Inhale as you raise your body, exhale when you return to the starting position.

Exercise 5

Starting position : Lie on your stomach, with the palms of the hands touching the ground at the level of your chest.
Exercise : Leaning on your hands, raise your upper body until your arms are straight. Look up and forward. Then rose hip so that arms and legs reports “a house”.
Breathing : Inhale when you wake up, exhale when you return to the starting position

Source:. Paolodafloresta

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