More commonly called “hangover” the veisalgie his small scientific name may occur even at a more modest consumption alcohol. Although we can alleviate the symptoms, scientists have unfortunately not yet found a miracle cure to eradicate it completely. So do not rely on recipes grandmother or miracle pills that claim to cure this evil.

To do share things and distinguish fact from fiction, here are 12 myths about hangovers.

12 mythes sur la gueule de bois

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1. Having a hangover is not dramatic

Excessive alcohol consumption affects the central nervous system. The alcohol thus interferes with the chemical components of the brain and causes headaches, dizziness and nausea. The price of a drunken night can also result in heavy fatigue, dry mouth and stomach discomfort, which weakens the immune system. In addition, a feeling of weakness, difficulty concentrating and decreased memory are also among the symptoms of a good hangover.

2. We notice the same effects in men or women

If a man and a woman drink the same amount of alcohol, the woman will be more likely to feel the effects. The reason: men have a greater amount of water in the body, which helps to dilute the alcohol ingested. When FEMMS drinks the same amount of alcohol, it accumulates in the bloodstream.

3. Only by drinking excessively that one may feel bad

must not be drunk to pay the price the next day. For some, a few glasses enough to trigger headaches and other unpleasant symptoms. Drink water or non-alcoholic beverage between drinks can help promote hydration and reduce the effect of alcohol.

4. Choosing wine is more appropriate

Red wine contains tannins that are known to trigger headaches in some people. Whiskey also tends to cause serious veisalgies. If you care for your state the next day, the most sensible is to go – always moderately of course. – For beer or colorless spirits, such as vodka or gin

5. The lighter cocktails are a sure bet

The “light” cocktails can help you count calories, but not to avoid a hangover. By cons, research suggests that eating fruits, in the form of juice among others, can mitigate the effects of a hangover.

6. Liquor before beer

Obviously, the order in which you drink your glass has no influence.

This is the amount of alcohol ingested matters most. Moreover, a glass of beer, a glass of wine or a “shot” represent an equal dose of alcohol. So do not be fooled by the size of the glass.

7. Eat pasta before going to sleep

This is bad for two reasons. First, eat on time to glissert under the duvet (especially if you’re already drunk) does not help in any case. Then the food must be in the stomach before the “Happy Hour” for there to be any impact on your blood alcohol.

Opt for a steak or pizza before your martini and engulf you may be able to, we told maybe escape the hangover. Before going to bed, the only thing to do is to drink lots of water to fend off dehydration.

8. Take painkillers before bed

Painkillers counter relief after only four hours. A dose before going to bed therefore be useless in the morning. A better solution is to take the drug just after waking. However Avoid taking paracetamol. The combination of alcohol and the painkiller could damage your liver, already asked enough.

9. The alcohol helps sleep better

This is, in fact, all that is happening around. While a little drink before bedtime can help to fall asleep faster, excessive consumption weakens the quality of your sleep. By consuming too much alcohol, it spends less time in REM sleep and you wake up earlier. If you have been drinking, hangovers can strike during the latter part of the night, causing you to fall asleep again.

10. Cure evil with evil

awakening to Drink alcohol only postpone the hangover. The worst symptoms when alcohol goes down to zero. If you have the misfortune to drink again alcohol at breakfast, the hangover will appear later in the day. However, if you can not start without a little morning cocktail, you should talk to a doctor.

11. Coffee is the miracle solution

Drinking too much coffee causes a stronger dehydration and can worsen hangovers. After a drunken night, it is best to drink plenty of water, sports drinks or a good herbal tea. This is what will help you counter the dehydration of your body.

12. The herbal remedies can help

British researchers have studied the effects of pills believed to help against hangovers, such as those based on yeast extract or artichoke. They have unfortunately found no convincing argument to prove their effectiveness. Another team of British researchers found that cactus-based facts supplements could reduce nausea and dry mouth, but not the dreaded headache. The only remedy that really works? Moderate and take his troubles patiently consumption …