The Business Insider takes stock of our lifestyles presupposed “healthy “… but who are not necessarily. We have selected eleven.

1- Work standing in the office

A recent study analyzed and compared data from 4,000 US adults, working standing or sitting. Result: in the long run, there is no overall benefit derived from the standing position compared to sitting. In the short term, however, stand to burn more calories, so if the only thing that concerns you is to lose weight is a good start.

Use a 2-guard to sit on public toilets

Viruses such as HIV or herpes are fragile, it means they survive not long outside the human body. The time to sit on a public toilet – and even if anyone was shortly before you – the most harmful pathogens will not be able to harm you. In addition, the skin acts as a real bulwark against all kinds of germs. Except of course if you have a cut or open wound, which would promote the entry of bacteria in the body.

3-Avoid eating gluten

Unless you are allergic, gluten not likely to produce negative effect on you. Indeed, studies show that most people suffer from bloating light, they consume wheat products or not.

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4-Troquer against cow milk almond milk

The alternatives to cow’s milk have a growing popularity in recent years, with the almond milk leader. Yet almond milk is substantially free of nutrients. The only almonds are “protein factories”. But a classic glass of almond milk corresponds to only 2% almonds and contains almost no protein. All these vitamins are added. If you are looking for a real healthy alternative to cow’s milk, rather recommend the soy milk or skim milk.

5-Make yourself juice

When you make your own juice with fresh fruits and vegetables, you remove all of the fibers, the Element- key that allows you to feel full and satisfied until the next meal. What remains is the sugar. In the short term, a diet with lots of sugar and little protein leads to a feeling of constant hunger, mood swings and decreased regular energy. In the long term, you may even lose muscle mass, since it depends on protéines.

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6-Take tons of vitamin C to prevent colds

Take some vitamins can boost a less efficient immune system, but taking too much will make you sick. Indeed, swallowing too many vitamins may in particular cause diarrhea, headaches, nausea, heartburn and other side effects.

7-Eat only white eggs

Many people began to avoid eating the yolk of the eggs when nutrition experts have postulated that eating cholesterol was bad because it increased our own cholesterol. Good news: a growing body of research shows that for most people, dietary cholesterol – from the food we eat – does not have much effect on cholesterol in the blood. We can eat calmly, except of course if you already have a high cholesterol level, in which case it is not recommended.

8-Use without stopping the hand sanitizer

If you wash your hands regularly during the day, the hand sanitizer is quite useless. Moreover, it does not kill all the bacteria, only soap and water may make them disappear.

9-Hold breath when someone sneezes or coughs

When someone sneezes or coughs without putting his hand over his mouth, bacteria escape in the air at speeds around 80 to 320 km / h. If you are not far away, hold your breath will not be used much. This will allow that bacteria do not enter directly, but will not prevent them from landing on you.

10-Dieting “Detox”

Nobody ‘ needs to be “detoxified”. Unless you have been poisoned, you already have a sufficiently effective system to filter harmful substances you eat. Two bodies contribute: the liver and kidneys. While the kidneys filter the blood and remove waste from our diet, the liver helps detoxify all ingested chemicals. These bodies work together to cleanse our body naturally.

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11-Eat only foods low in fat

People who want to lose weight often opt for a low fat diet. They eat margarine instead of butter, and food “fat free” than their conventional versions. But in most cases this does not occur. Experience Huti years conducted on 50,000 women, half of whom had a diet without fat, has shown that avoiding fat did not reduce the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer or heart disease. Moreover, they had not lost any weight, or very little. Recent studies also show that good fats (nuts, fish, avocados, …) are good for health, provided you do not abuse it.