What is Ant-Man?

So here we are with Scott Lang ( Paul Rudd ), focused on the rob loser who finds himself decked out a suit that allows it to reduce its size at will, with the blessing of Hank Pym ( Michael Douglas ), the inventor of the process. From there, it is the classic sequence: learning, redemption, castagne and the world to save be clear. Though in the comics hero has a significant place in Avengers Version cinema, everyone contrefout Ant-Man, which gets a outsider status as well as Guardians of the Galaxy. And the film is generally the monumental mistake of giving gaits history of classic super hero rather than enjoy the freedom offered by such main character, being more coltinant all chokepoints – which even the team seems hopelessly file. The gloomy father-daughter relationship and Hope Pym ( Evangeline Lilly , which gives us a scene of tears to put away just off the death of Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises ), the will to redeem Scott finally deserve the love of his daughter, mentor Pym for Scott … Yes, everything revolves around the same theme, but good.

A minor episode

Once installed this background, we can finally focus on what should have been Ant-Man from the start: a comedy about a break led by completely clueless offenders. And here we are really fed up. Paul Rudd is in his element, perfectly comfortable to amuse the gallery, but in reality these are the three thugs who assist him are the real heroes of this strange film. David Dastmalchian, IT and especially Michael Peña do wonders in broken arms that miss almost everything they do, closest thugs floats Mom I missed the plane as the team Ocean’s 11 . Quite simply, the two best scenes are actually hysterical monologues Peña, almost completely improvised by the actor. In these moments Ant-Man is assumed for what it is: a minor episode, HS limit saga of Marvel Studios, which has absolutely no epic ambition but simply to make people laugh. This is also the first time that the team has something so remote from the usual atmosphere of a superhero film. No pun intended, Ant-Man is a small film and this is when it says itself that it is relevant. Conversely, when it tries to play the card of serious, is the cata. The staging of the specific character and its power a little dicey is rather successful: Ant-Man is not ridiculous, action takes the road, and miniature adventures inventive enough not to recall Honey I Shrunk the Kids – it was not won. But apart from a first surprising murder, all frankly lack of madness.

A disposable villain

followed by a quite disturbing impression. We know that Marvel Studios have reached the stage where anything goes, even the inconsistency, but at times it shows too. The presence of an old ugly head of SHIELD with a grotesque pirouette apparently written by someone who remembered just in time that the agency was infiltrated by the Hydra in the last Captain America reveals a I do not care attitude quite funny but ultimately foutage of mouth. Especially that once again, the real opponent of Ant-Man is struck by the same curse that his colleagues from other films: uninteresting, without thickness, with views and magazines motivations (“I’m going to sell a revolutionary weapon to bastards because I like money, “yay), in short, disposable. The dialogues are shifted to compensate all the clichés, lengths and agreed situations, but it is not always enough. That said, the short exchange between Michael Douglas appalled and rap superstar TI alone could justify the vision of the film, even the invention of cinema.

In short, in arrival, despite the laborious production, it has avoided the purge, but it is mainly passed by a good movie.

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