We found the boy Love Actually

Twelve years after the release of the romantic comedy cult Love Actually , Sam. Was found Thomas Sangster , who played the son- Liam Neeson , has nothing touching the boy whose unrequited love for his fellow American class Joanna ripped a tear to spectators. Now aged 25, the actor continues to make a living playing comedy. We have seen in the hit teenage movie Labyrinth in the role of Newt. He also spent big on the small screen as the fans of the series Game of Thrones familiar his face. In seasons 3 and 4 of the show’s hit HBO Thomas Sangster played Jojen Reed.

Physically, the English actor has not changed and has always boils child, snub nose and expressive eyes of Love Actually . He who also uses the name of Thomas Brodie-Sangster clearly not done his age and recognizes that people struggle to believe he is 25 years old. In an interview with Guardian , the former child star told how while he was on a shoot in Canada, a bartender refused to serve him a beer in a pub.

“For the first time in my life, I had to get out my phone and type my name on IMDB” says the actor, who did not have his passport on him. “They laughed, they even asked me to sign their autograph. But they would not serve me the pint.”

The history of Love Actually In the corridors of British power, two months before Christmas, ten couples form or deform. In one of these stories, the British Prime Minister falls for the servant who prepares the tea. A well galieriste would be anything but a good friend to the wife of his best friend, a boy knows his first love, a married editor might well fall into the arms of his secretary. In France, a writer recently dumped by his girlfriend falls in love with his housekeeper. A singing star on the return discovers that friendship there it real.

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