Vanessa Hudgens Says Nude Photo Is The Past

Vanessa Hudgens, of “High School Musical” fame—and now “Sucker Punch”, spoke out about the nude photos of her that were leaked in 2007 and March 2011. The pictures were taken personally by her to send to then boyfriend, Zac Efron. The former Disney Channel star was furious when they were first released. After the scandal, she released a statement apologizing to her fans. Last month, the other set of those photos began spreading around the internet. Safe to say the actress was livid from the news. Hudgens is also confused as to why anyone would care to release them and stating, “It’s just silly because I’m a very present person, and that’s so in the past.”

Vanessa has been going for more grown-up roles in an attempt to shed her squeaky-clean Disney image. She has been choosing more mature, even risque`, roles these days. Like “Sucker Punch.” “Sucker Punch” is a fantasy film from Zack Snyder full of action and girl-power inspiration. She plays a character called Blondie who is an exotic dancer turned fearless bad-ass.

Soon she will be seen in “Journey to the Center of the Earth” sequel called “Journey 2: the Mysterious Island.” Vanessa Hudgens are starred in “Beastly” which is an updated version of Beauty and the Beast. So far, neither of these films has done well at the box-office. They have however, begun to assist in achieving Hudgens’ goal—which is to be seen as a Hollywood actress and not a kiddie Disney starlet.


Angelica Bee

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