The squabble between Donald Trump and Samuel L. Jackson about golf

No doubt that this will be solved on a golf course. Donald Trump has not really enjoyed being accused of cheating on a green, by one of the favorite actors of Quentin Tarantino. It all began when the actor in an interview to the magazine Rhapsody , told one of Donald Trump’s golf clubs had called him membership fees when there was no set foot since “four or five years.” Indeed, the businessman has many golf courses in the US and other countries.

The actor of Pulp Fiction and currently on screens of The Eight bastards also challenged Donald Trump ensuring that much better than he played golf. “I do not cheat,” said he told the magazine. Samuel L. Jackson 1. Donald Trump 0. But then, the “serious” accusation was not to the liking of the businessman. “I do not know Samuel Lee Jackson, to my knowledge I have not played golf with him and I think he made too many television commercials. – No annoying fan”, he has written on Twitter This Tuesday, January 6th.

Samuel L. Jackson has added a layer the same evening in the show “Late Night With Seth Meyers” on NBC. He claimed that he had played golf with Donald Trump, especially in the company of actor Anthony Anderson … who confirmed on Twitter … and Bill Clinton, “who will also verify that Donald Trump knows me . ”

No man refused the last word Donald Trump said Wednesday, again on Twitter. “I do not cheat at golf but Samuel Lee Jackson cheating – with his play, he has no choice And stop doing commercials.”, He has written. And in a second tweet: “I do not like the swing of Samuel Lee Jackson golf No athletic.”.

It summarizes Donald Trump does not know Samuel L. Jackson has never played golf with him but confirms he does not like his game was “not athletic.” Oh, and then they have already met in 2001.

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