The reconciliation between films and Marvel Studios series is “inevitable”

If the Marvel series ( Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter in the lead) have regularly discussed the events of the movie studio, the reverse will be true soon. “ This is inevitable ” ensures IGN the boss of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige . Especially because the film industry is preparing feature films well in advance. “ But it is easier for them (the heads of series, Ed). They produce more flexibility and faster than us, and that’s why we see the impact of Soldier of Winter and The Age of Ultron in the series Agents of SHIELD .

He adds that come “ and with the accumulation of sets and actors talents they castent, it could happen. Most of the time, when you start a movie, they are already in mid-season. When he comes out, they are already in the second season and begin the third. The right timing is not always easy to find “.

Recall that several actors Marvel movies have made appearances in the series, like Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) or Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill).

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