The man who wants to play the accordion for 11 days

L'actuel record est fixé à 251 heures d'accordéon.

The current record is set at 251 hours accordion Photo credit:. Bendrihem GEORGES / AFP

Jean-Michel wants Guenichot beat a record 20 years old and playing his instrument during 264 consecutive hours. Start of festivities on October 16 in Pessac, in Gironde, before entering perhaps Guinness book .

Immanuel Kant said that “music is the language of emotions “. Jean-Michel Guenichot, Gironde 49, clearly has a lot to share. As formerly Yvette Horner.

The musician October 16 this attempt to beat a record set in 1994. It aims to play the accordion for 264 hours, or 11 days without stopping.

“If in twenty years, it is not beaten, I will try to do better,” had promised Jean-Michel Guenichot at the time in reference to the record date set at 251 hours.

To achieve this objective, the accordionist has followed an intense preparation for a year now based foot races, squash and bicycle, accompanied by sleep specialists, physiotherapists and nutritionist among others.

Five minute break every hour

“Like the marathon, I fear” the wall “that is for me between the fifth and seventh day,” says Jean-Michel Guenichot in regional daily South West . During this performance, theme nights will be organized.

Fortunately for him, the Guinness Book tolerate a five minute break every hour, time that is allowed to accumulate in order to micro-naps ten minutes for example every two hours passed.

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