Taylor Swift: A judge dismissed the complaint for plagiarism with humor

Accusée de plagiat, Taylor Swift a été relaxée grâce à une juge qui a elle-même pasticher les paroles de son tube Shake It Off.

Plagiarism Accused, Taylor Swift was acquitted by a judge who herself parody the words of his pipe Shake It Off Photo credit:. Rue des Archives / © Imago / Rue des Archives

Pursued by an unknown r’n’b singer who is accused of having used some of his words for his success as Shake It Off , the American singer was relaxed with originality.

“Haters gonna hate.” No, Taylor Swift has nothing plagiarized for hit Shake It Off , in which she uses these words that made wince r’n’b singer Jesse Graham ignored. Shake It Off will thus continue to spread on the airwaves and in the evenings with impunity. Referred to plagiarism, Taylor Swift was completely exonerated by a US judge who dared to parody her own words to reject the complaint by Jesse Graham.

This blamed Taylor Swift to plagiarizing “92% of the words” of its title Haters Gone Hate , published in 2013 and completely unnoticed. Unlike Shake It Off and his more than billion page views recorded on YouTube. The man, aged 50, claimed $ 42 million to the highest paid singer in the world, and its mention in the title as author and … a selfie with Taylor Swift bonus!

Judge Gail Standish, who officiates in Los Angeles ruled this case in a way more or less original. At the helm, it said “the Court is not Saying That Braham can never, ever, ever get back His case in court. But, for now, we have got problems , and the Court is not sure Braham can solve em . As Currently Drafted, the complaint : has a blank space, One That requires Braham to do more than write His Name . May discover Graham That mother pleading Band-Aids won’t fix the bullet holes in His box . At least for the moment, Defendants -have shaken off this lawsuit. ”


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