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Snow Queen’s castle. Ice Hotels of the World

There are people who dont like the winter and cold. If they have a chance, they seek to escape from winter to summer – somewhere in the Egyptian sands or tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic. But there are those who enjoy winter pleasures. They are pretty white scenery, sledding, and perhaps even … the ice hotels. Eating is expensive and very specific, but those who want to get into a real winter wonderland, it does not stop.

Winter Hotels appeared about 20 years ago. Most of them operate only in the winter, every year has risen from the ashes … sorry, out of ice.


One of the most famous ice hotels – Ishotellet to 60 rooms. This institution – part snowy countryside Jukkasjärvi, 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, runs annually from December to April. This world’s first ice hotel (and it opened in 1990) as one of the seven wonders of the country. Every year there is about 30 thousand people.

Everything here is made of ice: the walls, numerous sculptures and lacy arches, chairs, beds and even glasses of water. At night, the hotel walls are illuminated with colored lights, and the day it shimmers like crystal.

The temperature of minus 5 degrees you can save the skins of animals, temperature resistant sleeping bag and hot cranberry juice or mulled wine in the morning and warming room. However, even in a room suites you are not free from certain disadvantages. A bathroom is located in another building, to which we must walk down the street, and on television (and even electricity) will be abandoned. However, the only TV could use a romantic fairytale.

The entire hotel complex consists of 85 buildings, including church, shop, restaurant, theater and an ice bar “Absolute”, where everything is made out of ice – from chandeliers and columns to the glasses. It is in these glasses is served in the evenings warming vodka.

There is also a graceful ice chapel – for weddings and christenings. This chapel is consecrated in a solemn Christmas night.

Here you can ride on a snowmobile and sled to do ice fishing and get a master class on the ice sculpture. Most is “irrepressible” tourists can continue to have a cold in the ice on the River Torne.


The biggest hotel in the world of ice – Ice Hotel in Lapland winter village Snowvillage. The hotel can accommodate up to 60 guests. It is constantly maintained at minus 5 degrees. However, there is here and the rooms are located underground, in which the slightly warmer.

The ice room is made in the form of a needle – a traditional Inuit dwellings being built out of snow, while the interior is decorated with ice sculptures. The ice bed covered with sleeping bags and sheep skins. After a night spent in the arms of ice, guests are treated to hot juice from the berries. By the way, bar and restaurant at the hotel made of ice too.

The hotel offers every year since the beginning of winter and spring stops working when the snow begins to melt.

Its snowy village, which occupies about 7.5 thousand square meters, is in the western part of Finnish Lapland. It is situated near the resort gornolyzhnygo Yullas. In a local hotel about 30 rooms, where the temperature is -2-5 ° C, and ice restaurant. Construction of the “settlement” begins when the outdoor temperature falls below 10 degrees.

There are in Finland and the ice hotel Lumilinna. It is located in the small town of Kemi. Externally, the hotel is really like a castle made of ice and snow. This castle has a restaurant, a chapel and even a hall of antique sculpture.

There are only 15 rooms, among which there is room for the newlyweds. If you freeze, you will instantly be translated into a regular room. And if heroic soak overnight, then warm up in the morning in the Finnish sauna. As an amusement ride offered here by dog ​​or reindeer sledding, snowmobiling or even … a tourist icebreaker. As well as building an independent ice huts.


And the most northern ice hotel in the world is in Norway. It is called the Alta Igloo and is located 20 miles from Alta – the largest city in the northern Norwegian region of Finnmark. A hotel in mid-January to mid-April.

Species around the great, as the hotel is located amidst the harsh and beautiful nature of the north, on the banks of the river. Visitors are often able to enjoy the beautiful aurora, which is a “trade” phenomenon of these places. Here, in the late nineteenth century, even the laboratory for its study.

The property, an area of ​​200 square meters of all ice and snow – the walls, beds, sculptures, glasses. Well, that guests do not freeze in the rooms where the temperature is between -3 and -7 degrees Celsius, at their disposal a variety of subjects from the warm reindeer skins.

It has 30 rooms, decorated each year which is devoted to new topics. That the Vikings, the Norwegian tales of wild animals … There are also an ice bar, cafe, restaurant, sauna, conference hall and a chapel.

Well, as additional entertainment are offered traditional amusements of these places – snowmobiling and dog sledding.

The southernmost ice hotel in Norway, consisting of 15 rooms and is located in Winter Park Hunderfossen, which is 12 kilometers from the town of Lillehammer, is notable for its “warmth.” It lit the fireplace, and the temperature still slightly higher than in other places. Nevertheless, visitors are given warm sleeping bags and reindeer skins. Each room has its own individual interior. There is a shower room, sauna, lounge, restaurant, conference hall and an ice bar – King Valemons Ice Bar.

Another Norwegian Hotel, Kirkenes Snow Hotel is located near the Russian-Norwegian border. Hotel where 20 rooms, decorated with gorgeous 12-meter dome. The hotel is designed by Japanese and Norwegian designers, and the food is offered here, is preparing to open fire. All guests are sure to ask to put 4 layers of clothes, and at night give out sleeping bags.

A Norwegian Ice Lodge hotel is part of another hotel – Bjorligard Hotel. The highlight of the ice hotel in the fact that it lies at an altitude of 1250 meters above sea level, which leads to the longest season in comparison with other ice hotels of the country.

Switzerland, Germany, France

But do not think that the ice hotels are only a harsh cold of Scandinavia. Its chain of hotels – Igloo – is in Switzerland, Germany and France. These ice hotels are being built on the eve of the opening of ski season at local ski resorts. Network name speaks for itself – the rooms are in the form of a needle.


Local ice hotel Ice Hotel Balea Lac – the first in Eastern Europe. Getting to this dwelling, which is located at an altitude of 2034 meters above sea level, deep in the Transylvanian mountains Fagaras, is possible only by cable car. In this hotel 10 rooms and a small ice church. The period of his work long enough – from early December until late April.


Few people know that its ice hotel is in Russia! It is located in the village of robin Ustyanovskogo area of ​​the Arkhangelsk province. And let there only 9 rooms, but there is a cinema, bar, and gym, and a wedding hall.

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Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada, or Hotel de Glace (it also has English and French name, as usual in Canada) is a 20 minute drive from the Canadian city of Quebec, in a picturesque location next to the waterfall of Montmorency. He is considered one of the most beautiful ice hotels in the world – carved walls with exquisite paintings, columns, arches, candelabras, chandeliers …

It has 30 rooms, furnished with carved ice furniture – both simple and suites. However, the amenities – bathtub and toilet are located in another room.

The hotel has an ice bar, cafe, chapel, two art galleries with ice sculptures, cinema, ice rink, a museum dedicated to Inuit culture, and ice dance club.

Each year, the hotel covers an area of ​​3000 square meters, attracts more than 500 000 tourists.


In Alaska, a town of Chena Hot Springs, is a museum hotel made ​​of ice.


Local ice hotel different from others. The fact that it was built inside a glacier, and therefore operates all year round. This is a very small hotel – here only 4 rooms with a modest ice furniture.


On the Japanese island of Hokkaido, the ski resort of volumes, is a hotel complex Alpha Resort Tomamu’s Ice Hotel, built from blocks of ice. This is the most romantic ice hotel. There is only one double room …! And the beds, and utensils, and even cooling jacuzzi in it are made of ice. There is also an ice bar, where they cook for two, and a chapel. It is ideal for couples who are issued special sleeping bags and down suits. The fact that the temperature in this place … does not rise above 25 degrees.

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