Rock according to Gallotta

My Rock, une promenade dans les souvenirs sur un mode sobre.

My Rock , a walk in the memories of a sober fashion Photo credit:. Guy Delahaye

The choreographer has written and choreographed his rock history . And that’s a bestseller

Source Figaroscope This is a ballet confession. Hat houndstooth his father pulled down over his eyes, Jean Claude Gallotta walks there, not the lanky elastic, draped in a raincoat. He relates his years in a rock ballet he choreographed, interspersed with his favorite tunes. The room is teaching in various capacities. Each tube is inserted through a small leaflet that Gallotta told the apex of the heart, humor and injuries in the same breath. Mingle rock history and his story. We learn that rock ‘n’roll, born in 1950, means “making love,” and that it is this music, with its energy to send any walk, which gave the teenager Gallotta its wings choreographer. We learn that Ivan still Vaffan familiar heroes parts Gallotta, has indeed existed. He intended to make a career of rocker before drifting tragically. It reveals also – for those who doubt – that contemporary dance is not a discipline that gives a headache created some ten years in a draft form, My Rock , the show that Gallotta sent in the most remote corners of the Grenoble area to conquer new audiences. It resumes today in a highest form, co-written with his accomplice and girlfriend Mathilde Altaraz.

A sharp playlist

Elvis kicks off with Heartbreak Hotel . The fourteen dancers take online; a line that is shattered, leaving each dancer detach in beautiful escape for his performance. Suit Helter Skelter Beatles. Gallotta the danced by a couple who run speed. The Rolling Stones with Sister Morphine , with Dylan Obviously Five Believers , The Who with I’m a Man , The Velvet Underground, Nick Drake, The Clash, Leonard Cohen, Nirvana, Patti Smith, Wilson Pickett … Gallotta has cracked a sharp playlist: “I avoided the clear tubes, sought rarities, and even left room for Nick Drake, who is not if known, “said Gallotta

Choreographer up this walk in her memories on a sober fashion. black and white costumes and, as a backdrop, the album cover or slide rockers in action. It avoids the acrobatic rock tracks, remains in contemporary dance, away from ballroom dancing. But it gives pride to space. Artists devour, comma leaping over rocks a thousand times, alone or fourteen, facing the empty eyes or in the eyes, making the game of soil, to extend, especially bouncing or take flight.

The thirteen choreography, written on each tube, each lasting a few minutes. Gallotta varies angles and frames, rebounds and distributions. He works on the momentum. There is love and rage, and above all a fierce desire for freedom. No code holds no distance encloses the dancers traveling at wing pulls in these pieces crafted and deployed, while energy, like a surfer on a wave.

My Rock, Theatre du Rond-Point, BC. Franklin-Roosevelt (eighth). Tel .: 95 98 January 44 21. From November 17 to December 6 30.Place to 18 pm: 40 €


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