Paul Haggis: “Shame on You ! who refuse to interview Tom Cruise on Scientology”

“I do not know how journalists can journalists continue to proclaim it are not brave enough to ask a simple question. ” Director Paul Haggis ( Collision In the Valley of Elah ) did not mince his words in his last interview with the Daily Beast.

Former member Scientology, which he left in 2009, Paul Haggis now wants to point the finger at the other stars in the group “religious”. His attack is even more virulent towards journalists who refuse to question the most popular of these celebrities – Tom Cruise. – About his belonging to the sect

Prohibition mention Scientology .. . or no interview

Indeed, for several years, the press team of the hero of the last Mission Impossible denies that journalists ask the actor about it .

“The team members are very intelligent, Haggis. But storm, I mean, how the elephant should it be big in the room before reporters questions about it ? “. In fact, no journalist has given any remarks about Scientology during the promotion Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation otherwise, they would incur the risk of being denied the interview with Tom Cruise.

“Certainly, Haggis replied, but there was the so-called integrity journalistic and sometimes there are more important things than promoting a movie. It’s so obvious. There the elephant in the room, and journalists agree not note it. Why? At this point, you ‘ are more than a press officer Shame on you ”

Last January, the documentary Going Clear:.. Scientology and the imprisonment of belief caused a scandal at the Sundance film festival. By revealing the scenes of this sectarian church, and especially the fact that Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman would have tapped after their divorce, director Alex Gibsey was a resounding success. He is one of many people criticizing the American presenter Jon Stewart when the latter interviewed Tom Cruise on his plate without asking him any questions about his offensive religious group. In a column in the Hollywood Reporter, Alex Gibsey explained that the meeting had been a “missed opportunity”.

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