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Opportune, a smartphone that knows too much

In the future, it might well that smartphones are able to know the tastes, habits and even the needs of their owners. This is the vision of designer Itai Miller.

This vision takes shape through the concept Opportune. Opportune is a mobile of the most advanced. For the owner, he examines his mail, the contents of accounts on social networking sites or the words they are looking on the internet. It then collects the keywords and stores them recurring. When the person leaves home, becomes a tool Opportune navigation and geolocation. When a product or a place that might be of interest are in the area, it will inform.

The unit is also able to geotag a person that can help its owner. To do this, it connects to the smartphone that person and emphasizes his trade, his habits and preferences if there is a match. Quite contrary to all principles of respect for privacy, the smartphone has no chance to emerge, but it helps to have an overview of the many avenues explored by the designers and other engineers in high-tech.

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