Omar Sharif is dead

Al Arabiya News has announced the death of Omar Sharif , at the age of 83. Born in April 1932 in Alexandria, Egypt in a family of Lebanese origin, Michel Demitri Shalhoub (his real name) had played in more than 90 films and TV movies. It décrouvre a passion for comedy in 50 years, and leaves to study the art of the actor in London. On his return to Egypt in 1954, the director Youssef Chahine does play in The Demon Desert for which it is the name of Omar Al Sharif. But it was his role in Black Water the same Chahine, presented at Cannes in 1956, making him a star.

He was named to the Oscar for best supporting actor with his performance-his first in English, where it replaces Maurice Ronet transferred from Plateau in Lawrence of Saudi (1962) face Peter O’Toole , with whom he contrasts the noble warrior and prickly desert. The director David Lean then entrusted the main role of Doctor Zhivago two years later, instead of Dirk Bogarde and Max Von Sydow initially considered, to the surprise of Omar Pasha who wanted to play and not Yuri. But no matter: his international career was launched and it will stop turning over. Or almost.

Indeed, in 1998, marked by the bad experience of the shooting of 13th Warrior of John McTiernan , he had wanted to retire at the turn of 2000s but the business had caught up. We saw in Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran (2003) Hidalgo (2004), he assured the voice of 10000 ( 2008), and finally A Castle in Italy (2014) of Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi , his last film in which he played his own role.

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