The new message David Bowie beyond the stars

Il suffit en réalité d'exposer la pochette du vinyl au soleil pour que l'étoile noire scintille comme par enchantement.

Just actually exposing the cover of the vinyl in the sun for the black star sparkles like magic.

Criticized by some fans for its simplicity, design the cover of the last album of the British icon has finally unveiled its magic. Exposed to the sun, it leaves indeed reveal a starry sky.

David Bowie continues to deliver us messages, to us poor humans, beyond the stars. The man of a thousand faces wanted to know. How? Concealing one last big surprise on the cover of the vinyl Black Star , which contains a simple black star. Nothing hitherto exuberant.

But this is where the magic happens. He’s a fan who discovered the ploy by the merest chance. Just actually exposing the case to the sun for the black star sparkles like magic and unveils a galaxy. A subtlety that seems like a pretty foot-nose at those who considered a little too simple slip to their liking.

As a symbol

“When the album was released, many people have said that the cover was rubbish, that I had only need five minutes to the design, “he told the magazine designer Jonathan Barnbrook Dezeen .

Moving forward, the professional image wishes to justify his choice: “I think they have misinterpreted this simplicity.”

Almost four months after his disappearance, David Bowie continues to surprise us.

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