Maitre Gims: It’s not my style to devalue women

Just before arrival, we wondered how you call it, Maitre Gims, short Gandhi Gims.

People in my family, my brothers and sisters call me Gandhi. My family, my childhood friends, say Meghi [Gims verlan, note].

Where does your artist name come from?
This is out of imagination of my older brother who called me Gims when I was younger. Later, I added Maitre. I liked this side student teacher, much like in martial arts, such as karate teacher.

You said that the two pills that are ” My Heart Reason had ” – blue pill for urban pop songs, rap red pill – were as essential as the other one. But is your heart leans more to one of the two colors?
If it were to remain a color that would be blue. I would sacrifice red.

is this a pragmatic choice?
No, that’s really what I love. I love singing, melody. The red is special. It’s very rapped. Less is proposing. This is a targeted audience.

But is that your texts in rap are more engaged than your other songs?
One might think because c is edgier but just told in a different way.

” In my clips, I’ve never been in this frenzy of girls in panties ”

And what makes you angry now?
Injustice, I always sing injustice. We can not pretend not to see. But I can not help but sing, these are my weapons.

But it is also your Association Water Earth. Have you started projects?
We will start marketing the bottled water Bella whose income will be spent on the construction of wells in Africa. There are plenty of people who have expressed interest in this association and who want to be partners.

On the song ” Habibi ‘, you say’ My childhood dream is a sand castle. ” What was your childhood dream true?
Have a nice house where we could eat, lunch, snack, dinner, brush your teeth, put pajamas, sleeping. I saw it with friends but it was not like that at home. It was the image of an ideal family.

This was not singing then …
No, my father was already a singer [he was part of the group Viva La Musica Papa Wemba, note]. I bathed in it during my childhood. Consider a singing career that came much later.

On ‘Number One’, someone turns the head to a girl as a big splif. Are you for the decriminalization of cannabis?
For this to become like in Amsterdam? No I am not at all for that.

In your clips, there are very few girls in panties. It is a deal with your wife or with yourself?
Before even married, with Sexion Assault, from the beginning, we were never in this frenzy of girls in panties . It was never our rap or image they wanted to convey. The first time I put a daughter before it was in the video for ” Bella ” but it was more noble class and a tribute. It’s not my style to devalue women.

” I am quite calm, I have no desire to be in the clashes ”

On ‘gifts,’ ‘there is this punchline’ Your jewels are not worth your presence. ” We have already done what you reproach?
Yes, many times, all the time.

Even today?
Yes, ” Gifts’ it’s really me. In all that I sing, there is very little fiction.

Wow, your love stories seem to have been often very complicated so …
Very complicated, yes.

But you are now stored …
Well, an artist is never tidy. When you’re an artist you belong to everyone, to people, to the people. The people chose you. You’re Zorro anything [laughs].

You say that an artist wants to talk to him but finally we do not see you that much on TV, it does not prompt you or you do not want to go?
I did very little TV that’s right. I’m pretty quiet, I do not like to appear. But if I was invited to JT France 2 and TF1, I myself rendrais.

Apart from the recent skirmish with Joey Starr, you’re not too in clashes in stories with other artists. You are quite calm as boy?
Yes that’s my personality. We do not mind too much. In general people respect me and appreciate my work, it is mainly for that otherwise we would already Clashe me long ago. And I have no desire to be on the register.

Despite the success of your first album Subliminal, you are stressed by the output of MCAR?
I’m serious stress. I have no idea what the sales figures will give, is that the start will be good. For the first album, I was on a discovery mode. The success gave me the confidence in me but now I am confirmed, I return. But is it not too early? Is there a real demand?

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