Mark Wahlberg: My mother saw Ted more than 50 times

This is the first time in your career that you play twice in the same franchise. What excites you both in Ted?
In the past, I was offered many suites. But I start from a simple principle: if the second is worse than the first, it is useless to participate. Here, everything comes from Seth MacFarlane (director, co-writer and voice of Ted in both films, ed.) I dedicated him complete confidence. I liked his original idea: Ted married and wants to prove he is human to have a child.

Exactly, do you consider yourself a human being?
Of course! Like everyone else, he is driven by emotions and feelings. This character has hit the world over by his humor, for the love he has in him … I never imagined that my mother could enjoy the first film to the point of view three times at the cinema. She then saw on DVD fifty times (laughs).

Ted is a kind of standard in this suite. It seeks to be accepted for their difference, to prove that he is human … There is a real political message. Have you quickly perceived?
Yes I Do. The message is there, filigree. Everyone must be treated the same way, regardless of their differences. The idea that Ted is a megaphone like it. Whatever he may say, it happens. One can not blame him because he is too cute.

“I’m not so serious as you might think”

One feels that Ted and Ted 2 released your comic fiber …
It’s a dicey genre. Why I initially accepted small roles like in Crazy Night. Things really changed with Ted. I’ll be showing another comedy, Daddy’s Home, starring Will Ferrell. You know, I’m not so serious as one might think. I can leave when I live in a comfortable environment.

I enjoy pop-culture, old TV shows that we gather with family … But I do not like superhero. I’m not a fan of Star Wars. Incidentally, the director of Daddy’s Home told me recently: “I’m worried our movie comes a week after the new Star Wars..” I said, “So what?”. He continued: “Everyone will go, it’ll be a crazy thing.” But he is mistaken. I will not go, my children either (smile).

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