Lionsgate wants to follow up the Cabin in the Woods

The most iconoclastic horror film of its generation will perhaps know a suite. This is rather good news as The Cabin in the Woods was playing with the codes of genre cinema. However, a sequel screenplay is doubtful while the film seems resolutely closes on itself. But this is not a sufficient excuse for Lionsgate trying to convince Drew Goddard , the architect of this wacky shack to resume service and get down to writing a sequel.

The talented writer Only on Mars and Cloverfield had co-written The Cabin in the Woods with Joss Whedon , the father of Avengers cinema. Den of Geek reports that he told his first impressions of a possible Cabin in the Woods 2 press conference, during the promotion of Only on Mars : “The studio really wants to make a sequel, they came to us to propose The funny thing is that I do not think we expected to offer any sequel to. this film, if you see what I mean … “

“Anyway, what’s it really funny with the Cabane is that the rules are completely outlandish. We have implemented a lot of really crazy situations and I’m sure we could invent other if we were so inspired. I know Joss and I do not want to tarnish what we did with the first film. I guess we will not do a sequel if it really makes us laugh a lot. “

If they fall under the bet, the two friends will have overflowing imagination to surprise the spectators once again the first part and preserve all the salt and caustic horror of this mysterious Cabin in the Woods

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