Liam Neeson is unrecognizable

The hunk is no more. Liam Neeson will dream more than a spectator in the cinema in its various roles. At 63, the actor is not really on top of seduction. On the streets of New York where he was walking, we could see the hero of Taken rather aged.

Emaciated, neglected look and the hair were scattered. Liam Neeson he really took a shot of old? According to his agent, the physical aspect of the Irish would have a link with his next film whose shoot is scheduled for September. Since the tragic death of woman in a skiing accident in 2009, we know the actor loan to many moments of sadness.

As he celebrated his birthday there a few months ago, Liam Neeson said: ” I’m getting old. Nobody wants to have 63 […] a birthday is a private thing. It is the day of your birth, the day you came out of your mother’s womb. Why would you want to celebrate that? What I want the most is to go unnoticed. ” Missed!

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