Leny Escudero, five songs of a committed composer

Leny Escudero, décédé ce vendredi 9 octobre à l'âge de 82 ans, était un artiste joyeux et engagé.

Leny Escudero, died this Friday, October 9th at the age of 82, was a happy and committed artist Photo credit:. Rue des Archives / © Rue des Archives / AGIP

VIDEOS – The singer died Friday, October 9 to 82 years. Back to the directory of an artist who did not hesitate to display his opinions and raising his voice for the dead of Charonne or those of the Spanish Civil War.

In 1962, he is releasing his first album called Leny Escudero that the singer created musical identity. The disc remained as one of the most emblematic of Spanish-born composer. It contains the Ballade Sylvie or For a fling . Light songs that already reveal a talent.

Leny Escudero is also committed this singer, who gets singing republican soldiers of the Spanish Civil War or the poem of Aragon wrote for the resistant Manouchian Group. One of his best known compositions is one that honors the eight dead Charonne. Leny Escudero famous victims of police repression of demonstrations against the OAS in 1962: “Mary, Mary, I love you / You’re my first baptism / Mary, love forgive me / I am called to Charonne . ”

In 1973, the singer released Living for ideas , and the eponymous album, we find this piece in which he deals with the Spanish Civil War and its legacy “He was in Teruel and Guadalajara / Madrid also saw / Down the Guadarrama / Who won, who lost?” The album title sums up the existence of Leny Escudero, singer joyful, always fighting for his ideas.

For a fling (1962)

I’m waiting to Charonne (1967)

Living for ideas (1973)

The red shows (1997)

El paso del Ebro (1997)

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