Kit Harington: “If I’m Jon Snow for ten more years …”

Since the discovery of the outcome of the 5th season Game of Thrones , fans reeling. Impossible for them to believe that Jon Snow, emblematic character of the cult HBO series, was eliminated by the men of the Night Guard. So until later, they scrutinize the daily about the actors, the rumors circulating on social networks and especially the hair Kit Harington.

Which seems long in a possible resurrection of said character. “I think all this sums up the folly of this world and the entertainment industry. However, I prefer that people are asking questions rather than completely f…”, told us the main person.

“I want to look elsewhere”

Passing Thursday in Paris to defend MI5 , scheduled for the e-cinema September 18, British actor, visibly exasperated by ambient frenzy around Jon Snow, delivered it-and then some more … When asked if he Game of Thrones gave him the time to do a little film, he replied most limpid of the world: “I am no more in the series so I can do other things … It has opened doors and I want to look elsewhere.” As soon at Xavier Dolan!

Kit Harington embody indeed the primary role of The Death and Life of John F. Donova No, the first film in English by Quebec director, alongside Susan Sarandon, Jessica Chastain and Kathy Bates. “I start filming in January,” said the person.

“I love the work of Xavier and his ability to tackle extreme stories. I saw all his films after reading the script. We met. I will encamp the most popular actor in the world. It will address the management of celebrity. It’s good to do that after Game of Thrones … (…) J ‘love one day also work with the Coen brothers. That would be the Grail! ”

” Jon Snow was a bullet “

According to him, the time has come for him to look forward to the cinema … “Jon Snow was a drag because we always identify myself to the character, but also the most amazing things that happened to me. I do not go away complain. I’m lucky. ” He concluded by planting a big trouble “. As long as I do what I love, I am happy if I’m Jon Snow for ten more years, that’s fine …” theories lovers: the games begin !


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