Kim Kardashian is the star of the world followed on Instagram

Kim Kardashian is now the most followed in the world star on the social network Instagram photo sharing. And they are no less than 44 million to follow the woman Kanye West. Admittedly, the starlet is always ready to put pictures of her naked or daughter North.

Specifically, Kim Kardashian has 44,148,963 million subscribers while Beyoncé has 44,036,178 millions. But Instagram is still the supreme master since the page of the company has 94.3 million followers.

On Instagram, the Kardashian supremacy is notable. The model Kendall Jenner, half-sister Kim has 35.5 million followers and her little sister Kylie, 33.8 million. The family rules over Insta.

The ten most followed on Instagram:
1: Kim Kardashian with 44,148,963 million followers
2: Beyoncé with 44 036,178 million followers
3: Taylor Swift with 43,728,590 million followers
4: Selena Gomez with 41,982,644 million followers
5: Ariana Grande with 41823420 million followers
6: Justin Bieber with 36,994,254 million followers
7: Kendall Jenner with 35,511,590 million followers
8: Kylie Jenner with 33,846,210 million followers
9: Nicki Minaj with 32,278,123 million followers
10: Khloe Kardashian with 30,630,013 million followers

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