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HP shows its concepts in the movie Real Steel

HP  decided to reveal its concepts through the movie Real Steel, which will feature of Hugh Jackman. In the film, three devices that are beyond the scope of current technology, stamped Hewlett-Packard, will be used by the actors. The first, called Thruscreen is a transparent screen displaying a kind of augmented reality revolutionary. Indeed virtual images do not simply superimposed on real objects on the display but can physically manipulate these objects. The second, called Curve, is a laptop without a hinge pivot but with a flexible body. It is used to control robots who fight in the film. The third and last is a compact 3D printer used to make parts for robots. The printer is called VolumeJet but it seems that it is not scheduled to appear in Real Steel.

For the record, Real Steel is a Disney film based on a tournament or men are fighting in a tournament called robots Roboxer. The era of the film is not far from ours.

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