How young we were!

Male and attractive, these actors are the true embodiment of manhood. Many, if not all girls have had their favorite among the members of this list and a few years ago would have been willing to fight tooth and nail to defend her beau, though certainly had no idea of ​​its existence or of any battle.

But time passes and leaves its mark on the face of the stars. Some did very well, and others, well, others have certainly not changed as expected. What remains there is charisma and good memories.

Here photographs of the most handsome actors and recognized, time passes, and how.

Leonardo Di Caprio

Leo Leo, where are your 17 when you were so … ups

Brad Pitt

Brad has unique look, it looks good in all times and ages.

George Clooney

Like wine.

Hugh Jackman

Yes that will go well over the years.

Mickey Rourke

During the 80’s was one of the most handsome men. Today plastic surgery is too obvious.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has improved, no doubt.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has hardly changed physically.

Tom Cruise

He has also improved over the years.

Ben Affleck

A diet will not fall ill

Mel Gibson

Mel’ve changed, you’ve changed.

Bruce Willis

Still young )) Well, he lost his hair in the 90’s.

Antonio Banderas

No comment.

Jude Law

If an attractive young all became a man with poise and elegance.

Richard Gere

It seems that before we were born , Richard Gere was a sex symbol

Source: brandnewday

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