Genisys Terminator: even the director does not understand anything, and it does not matter

Regarding Terminator Genisys , it takes a day or another look at something: the complex screenplay with round trips through time and space, between the post-apocalyotique future of 2029, Los Angeles 1984 to 2017, where the cyborg T -800 ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ), Sarah Connor ( Emilia Clarke ) and Kyle Reese ( Jai Courtney ) fighting against killing machines of Skynet. Basically. Because it is not very clear, and even the director Alan Taylor admits that the script does not rhyme with Genisys much

The evidence:. “Arnold one of the most unpronounceable replicas and most incomprehensible of the film when he says it is possible to remember two timelines when you penetrate the quantum field for a while nexus , and nobody knows whereof he speaks “ Alan Taylor laughs in an interview with Daily Beast . “Yes, it means something. We do not expect that everyone understands. And after Kyle turns to Sarah and said, you can stop talking to him like that ? This is a way of saying not to try to understand. If you want to make your nerds and dig, go ahead, everything is there and I think it’s consistent. But luckily we quickly passes something else. “

The message is clear, we must go with the fun. “What I like is that uses humor to convey that” , sums up Alan. “It’s a way of saying You do not understand, but who cares! We advance! There was this scene where JK Simmons told Sarah Connor what you do has very complicated air . And Sarah responds we are here to save the world! and he answers “ that I understand . It is a way of saying to the public: who cares, it saves the world “

Speaking of saving the world, it will be more who will save the world Terminator Genisys since its start is rather low at the American box office . Abroad, the film is left for cartoning against. If the chronological problems of Terminator you tickle, we advise you to look at our guide to the paradoxes of the Terminator saga

>>> Terminator: guide of the paradoxes of the saga

Lyrics Alan joined in any case the theory of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me on temporal paradoxes:


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