Gangnam Style: Psy does not believe in a new worldwide hit

Avec son nouvel album, Psy espère reconquérir le public sud-coréen.

With his new album, Psy hopes to win back the South Korean public Photo credit:. Lionel Hahn / ABACA USA

Artist and interpreter of the famous song viewed 2.4 billion times returned to the incredible success he met with the release of his song heady refrain.

Zero. The South Korean singer Psy estimated on 30 November, at a press conference, to zero its chances to repeat the global success of his hit Gangnam Style. He nevertheless said fully satisfied its regular artist fate of K-pop.

three years ago, the artist had known international recognition for this piece, a title style voluntarily outrageous featuring the now popular horse dance, which parodied the life of the idle rich of upscale Seoul

The video for this song, which wanted the antithesis of K-pop. – South Korean pop known for her “boy band” smooth and sentimental ditties – still holds the world record of views on YouTube, where it was viewed more than 2.4 billion times

A return. “roots”

The success of this song, and the expectations it raised, were sometimes difficult to live, said the artist of 37 years before the release of his new album on December 1 . “The pressure and stress were simply too enormous,” he added.

For some of his fans, Psy has somewhat lost its soul with a celebrity which allowed it to mix with the great of this world, heads of states to the big bosses. He acknowledged that he had tried too hard to please an international audience and assured that his new album, Cider, represented a return “to the roots.”

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