Furious 7 finally beats Avengers worldwide box office

 1.520 billion in revenues, the seventh installment of Fast and Furious becomes the third biggest hit of all time.

Furious 7 a card when it was released last April. $ 143 million raised during its first American weekend and 1 billion worldwide raised in less than a month the blockbuster James Wan beat the record for the film has reached this symbolic quickly, before another big production of Universal will come dethrone this field: Jurassic World . The month of April was not even finished that was beginning to wonder if Furious 7 was going to beat Avengers at the worldwide box office and become the 3rd biggest hit of all time.

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There will eventually took its 15 weeks to achieve it ( I must say that between Avengers 2 and dinos Colin Trevorrow , the competition is tough!), but that’s it, Furious 7 has exceeded Avengers . Little: 1.520 billion dollars against 1.519 harvested says Box Office Mojo . It therefore falls within the top three in the world rankings, behind the 2.7 billion Avatar and 2.1 of Titanic . But for how long? Jurassic World continues to walk well, with already 1,472 billion greenbacks amassed in a month and other blockbusters coming should cartoning, like Minions and Star Wars 7 . The world top 10 has never been messed with so little time!

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