Dr Dre: his former victims of domestic violence do not believe his excuses

Documentary Straight Outta Compton, released August 11 in the United States, may well have to trace the path of the group NWA, it is because of its former member Dr. Dre that scandal. The rapper debuted within the group in 1986, but also took advantage of this period to perpetrate his first pranks; among the latter are hidden domestic violence against two women, journalist Denise Barnes and singer Michel’le.

Since Dr. Dre apologized, claiming to have “been young and stupid,” and adding, “There are twenty-five years, I was a young man who drank too much, I was irresponsible and without structure real in my life (…)

This is part of the things I would never have done. (…) But I paid for these things and there is no chance that I redo. ”

A simple “publicity stunt”

However, these few excuses not convinced Michel’le, which found “disingenuous,” according to NME. The R’n’B singer told BBC Radio 5 Live that she considered his condolences as a publicity stunt: “I do not think whether sincere apologies I did not request. ‘public apology and I think if he wants to be forgiven, it must do so individually, with each of us. We gather as any two people, it is not sincere. That he treats us as if we had names. “Michel’le concludes by suggesting that Dr Dre, after all,” sells a movie “and he manages well his comm just yet.

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