Cowboys & Aliens: the producer regrets having made the movie

In his career, the prestigious Hollywood producer has only one regret: Cowboys & Aliens . Man has produced almost all the films of Ron Howard and the pair won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2002 for A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe . But then, he also produced Cowboys & Aliens . The film of Jon Favreau SF mixing western and where Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford confront aliens in New Mexico in 1873. Grazer recalls today ‘ hui in an interview with The Atlantic that the project was a bad start for him from the start.

“I agreed to be part of a movie called Cowboys & Aliens “ says Brian ” whereas when I think I like neither cowboys nor the aliens But there were superstars in the credits: Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, and Jon Favreau ., the director of Iron Man “ Grazer is particularly remembers a working meeting ” Cowboys & Aliens I said: “We will not still not call the movie like this? “ They said,” Oh, so “And then I told myself that I did not understand the project.”

Grazer tried to relativize in! vain. The film is missed, and as some of his previous projects must be a reason: “Excellence in cinema, we know what it is we know the difference between good and bad food but.. Taking upon us, and if it’s bad you say “it’s good enough.” But when shooting a movie and that says “this is good enough” is that makes c ‘sucks “.

Released in summer 2011, the film was a failure at the box office ($ 174.8 million of international revenue to 163 million out of promotional budget) and n has not wowed critics. Originally, Robert Downey Jr. had to take the main role of gunslinger amnesia, but as he left turn Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, he was replaced by Daniel Craig. With Iron Man in the title role, he would have been the fate of the film different? You never know.

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